Codexpert – 2016 Articles Summary

C++ Programming Language Guidelines Support Library Review: span<T> Guidelines Support Library Review: string_span<T> Microsoft Libraries Easy PNG Resource Loading with MFC – Part 1 MFC Static Control Using Direct2D and DirectWrite MFC Static Control Using Direct2D and DirectWrite (updated) MFC Support for DirectWrite – Part 7: A Step to Custom Rendering Getting Direct2D, DirectWrite and … Read more

How to Get Visual C++ Sample Projects (2)

In a previous article I showed how to get Visual C++ sample projects either by using Visual Studio IDE or by downloading from MSDN – Developer Code Samples site. Recently, I found that we can also download an archive containing a very large number of sample projects from GitHub. Pretty cool! Here is the magic … Read more

Using Lambdas in MFC Applications – Dealing with C++ REST SDK

C++ REST SDK (also known as Casablanca) offers support for HTTP client/server, JSON, URI, asynchronous streams, WebSockets client, oAuth and PPL Tasks. We can get C++ REST SDK from CodePlex  or use the one shipped with Visual Studio 2013. This article gives suggestions of how to set up a Visual C++ project (particularly one that … Read more

Using Lambdas in MFC Applications – Replacing Callback Functions

According to C++11 Standard, stateless lambdas, i.e. having an empty lambda introducer or capture no variables, are implicitly convertible to function pointers. Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2012 and newer, supports this feature. Moreover, in Visual C++ stateless lambdas are convertible to function pointers with arbitrary calling conventions. This is great if have to deal … Read more

Using Lambdas in MFC Applications – Sorting Arrays

Beginning with Visual Studio 2010 which supports lambda expressions introduced by C++11 standard, you can handily sort an MFC array like in the following example: Sorting CStringArray by using a lambda expression // Example #1 // … CStringArray arr; arr.Add(_T(“John”)); arr.Add(_T(“Zorro”)); arr.Add(_T(“Sandy”)); arr.Add(_T(“Jimmy”)); // … bool bAscending = true; // … std::sort( arr.GetData(), // position … Read more