Tree-View Control – TVS_EX_RICHTOOLTIP style

Windows Vista introduced a buch of extended styles for tree-view control (SysTreeView32). Among them, there is TVS_EX_RICHTOOLTIP style which is described in MSDN documentation as follows: “Allow rich tooltips in the tree view (custom drawn with icon and text)”. This article shows a little bit more about how to set and which is the effect of using this extended style. … Read more

File Open Dialog with Multiple Selection – Part 3: Cutting the Dog Tail

First two articles in this series show how to deal with a large number of selected items, by manipulating the OPENFILENAME::lpstrFile buffer, either for old style or Vista-style Open File dialogs. However, if the target system is Windows Vista or newer, we should prefer getting rid of old stuff and use only Vista-style dialogs. So, … Read more