Guidelines Support Library Review: string_span<T>

In a previous post I have introduced the span<T> type from the Guidelines Support Library. This is a non-owning range of contiguous memory recommended to be used instead of pointers (and size counter) or standard containers (such as vector or array). span<T> can be used with strings, but the Guidelines Support Library provides a different … Read more

Guidelines Support Library Review: span<T>

The Guidelines Support Library is a Microsoft implementation of some of the types and functions described in the C++ Core Guidelines maintained by the Standard C++ Foundation. Among the types provided by the GSL is span<T> formerly known as array_view<T>. This article is an introduction to this type. span<T> is a non-owning range of contiguous … Read more

C++ Gems: ref-qualifiers

VC++ 2014 is finally supporting ref-qualifiers, maybe a lesser know feature in C++11 that goes hand in hand with rvalue references. In this post I will explain what ref-qualifiers are and why they are important. But before talking about ref-qualifiers let’s talk about the well known cv-qualifiers. cv-qualifiers Let’s take the following example of a … Read more

User defined literals

The C++ language defines various built-in literals (numerical, character, string, boolean and pointer) and a series of prefixes and suffixes to specify some of them. The suffix or prefix is part of the literal. auto b = true; // boolean auto s = “sample”; // const char[7] auto i = 128; // int auto d … Read more