Listing Processes – Part 4: Using Remote Desktop Services API

Using Remote Desktop Services API We can call WTSEnumerateProcesses function to get information about the active processes on a specified Remote Desktop Session Host server. However, if pass WTS_CURRENT_SERVER_HANDLE in first argument (server handle), we can enumerate and get info about processes which are running on local machine. The following example calls WTSEnumerateProcesses function, then … Read more

Fill a List with Large Amount of Data – Part 3

The previous article demonstrates how to improve performance by using a virtual listview control (having LVS_OWNERDATA style set) and handling LVN_GETDISPINFO notification. That’s pretty cool! However, it still can be improved by caching input data. That means, instead of first loading the whole input data, we can load only how much is necessary at a … Read more

Tiles-View List Control

Tiles View in Windows Explorer Using Windows Explorer we can notice, aside others, the Tile View mode. It looks like icon views but, beside a title (that shows the file name), it displays some additional info (file type and size). This articles describe how to set Tiles View in our own listview (SysListView32) Windows control. Set … Read more