Codexpert – 2015 Articles Summary

Microsoft Libraries and C++ Programming Language Using Lambdas in MFC Applications – Part 1: Sorting Arrays Presents how to sort MFC arrays using lambda expressions (C++11 and next). Using Lambdas in MFC Applications – Part 2: Replacing Callback Functions Shows examples of using lambda expressions (including nested lambdas) in MFC applications for replacing callback functions. … Read more

Codexpert – 2014 Articles Summary

Microsoft Libraries Multiple-View File Explorer Shows how to easily make a Windows file manager with multiple views by using MFC framework and IExplorerBrowser interface. MFC Support for Direct2D – Part 1 Using the MFC D2D classes for making a simple image viewer. MFC Support for Direct2D – Part 2 Demonstrates how to easily make a … Read more

Codexpert – 2013 Articles Summary

C++ Language and STL <filesystem> header in Visual Studio 2012 Shows sample usage of filesystem header, new to VS2012, that defines types and functions for working with files and folders. C++11 concurrency: threads An introduction to threads support in C++11. C++11 concurrency: locks A walk through the synchronization mechanism for multi-threading provided by C++11. C++11 … Read more

Painting the Dialog Backround

Generally, it’s not necessary to change the dialog’s default background. Besides, if have to display an image in a dialog, it is preferable to do it in a child control (e.g. static picture or custom control). However, let’s say that’s a requirement or we want to do it as an exercise or just for fun. … Read more

Custom Draw vs. Owner Draw Controls

While most of Windows developers heard about and eventually used owner-draw controls, fewer know about custom-draw controls. Both types of controls allow customization but they are pretty different. So let’s have a quick look at each one. Owner Draw Controls An owner-draw control is a common Windows control that have a special owner-draw style set. … Read more

C++11 concurrency: locks

In a previous post I introduced the C++11 support for threads. In this article I will discuss the locking features provided by the standard that one can use to synchronize access to shared resources. The core syncing primitive is the mutex, which comes in four flavors, in the <mutex> header: mutex: provides the core lock() … Read more

Command Link Button Control

What are Command Links? Among other new controls supported in Windows Vista and newer Windows versions, we can find  Command Link controls, that contain: an icon; a label text; an additional explanatory text. In fact, it is a common Windows button control (of class “Button“) that has BS_COMMANDLINK or BS_DEFCOMMANDLINK type style set. We’ll further show … Read more