MFC Support for DirectWrite – Part 7: A Step to Custom Rendering

The previous articles from this series show how to format the text layout using built-in DirectWrite methods. However, as said earlier, we can do more custom formatting (e.g. draw double/triple underline/strikethrough, highlight text and so on). How can be done? First, let’s note that ID2D1RenderTarget::DrawTextLayout internally calls IDWriteTextLayout::Draw which has the following prototype:

We can write our own implementation of IDWriteTextRenderer interface providing custom text rendering then directly call IDWriteTextLayout::Draw instead of CRenderTarget::DrawTextLayout.

Code samples

Demo project

So far, it contains an implementation of IDWriteTextRenderer which does the same as the default one. In a further article I will update it in order to perform custom rendering.
Download: MFC Support for DirectWrite Demo (Part 7).zip (1482)


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