MFC Static Control Using Direct2D and DirectWrite

While doing some refactoring on sample source code presented in MFC Support for DirectWrite series, I had the idea to make a control easy to be used for rendering text. It could be a custom MFC control derived from generic CWnd class or an ActiveX but finally I chose to derive from CStatic, just for simplicity.
By short, it consist in two main classes:

  • CDirect2DStatic extends MFC class CStatic, doing the following:
    • enables Direct2D MFC support;
    • handles AFX_WM_DRAW2D and AFX_WM_RECREATED2DRESOURCES registered messages, which are sent by the MFC framework to a window with Direct2D MFC support enabled.
  • CDirectWriteStaticCtrl, derived from CDirect2DStatic, effectively implements text formatting and rendering; it has the following groups of public methods:
    • operations: setting text and background brush;
    • text block format: set the format for the entire text;
    • text range format: set the format in a given range;
    • data access.


  • Implementation details can be found in the demo application, attached here for download.
  • So far, it doesn’t yet implement inline images, typography and effects but these will be done in a future version along with other Direct2D/DirectWrite features.
  • See the updated version.

Demo application

Download: DirectWrite Static (1163 downloads)

DirectWrite Static Control
DirectWrite Static Control



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  1. Is AFX_WM_RECREATED2DRESOURCES handler really neccesary in any circumstances? It wasn’t mentioned in your MFC Direct2d tutorial.


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