WIC Wrapper Library – Version 1.1

WIC Wrapper Library v1.1 has the following:

  • new and completed methods for existing wrapper classes in the previous version;
  • new classes: wic::Bitmap and wic::Palette;
  • a new header containg enums, WicWrapEnums.h.

Download: WIC Wrapper Library [1.1].zip (1529 downloads)

Example 2: Using wic::ImagingFactory::CreateBitmapFromHICON and wic::Bitmap

The following example is close to the previous one, except that it uses wic::ImagingFactory::CreateBitmapFromHICON to display an icon resource.

BOOL CDemoDoc::OnNewDocument()
    BOOL bRet = FALSE;
        return bRet;

        // get ImagingFactory instance
        const std::shared_ptr<wic::ImagingFactory> pImagingFactory 
            = wic::ImagingFactory::GetInstance();

        // create wic::Bitmap object from an icon resource
        HICON hIcon = (HICON)::LoadImage(AfxGetResourceHandle(), MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDI_DEMO_ICON), IMAGE_ICON,  
            256, 256, LR_DEFAULTCOLOR);
        std::shared_ptr<wic::Bitmap> pBitmap = pImagingFactory->CreateBitmapFromHICON(hIcon);

        // get and initialize a format converter  
        const std::shared_ptr<wic::FormatConverter> pFormatConverter 
            = pImagingFactory->CreateFormatConverter();

        // calculate stride and necessary buffer size
        const CSize size = pBitmap->GetSize();
        const UINT cbStride = 4 * size.cx;
        const UINT cbBufferSize = cbStride * size.cy;

        // allocate buffer then copy pixels
        m_pBitmapBuffer = new BYTE[cbBufferSize];
        pFormatConverter->CopyPixels(CRect(0, 0, size.cx, size.cy), 
            cbStride, cbBufferSize, m_pBitmapBuffer);

        // create a Gdiplus::Bitmap object
        m_pBitmap = new Gdiplus::Bitmap(size.cx, size.cy, cbStride, 
            PixelFormat32bppARGB, m_pBitmapBuffer);
        if(Gdiplus::Ok != m_pBitmap->GetLastStatus())
        bRet = TRUE; // success
    catch(CAtlException& e)
        CString strErrMsg;
        strErrMsg.Format(_T("Error 0x%08X"), e.m_hr);
        AfxMessageBox(strErrMsg, MB_ICONERROR);

    return bRet;

Demo Application

The demo application displays an icon resource when no image file is loaded.

Download: WIC Wrapper Library Sample [1.1].zip (1439 downloads)

WIC Wrapper Library – Sample Application #2
WIC Wrapper Library – Sample Application #2


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