Tiles-View List Control

Tiles View in Windows Explorer

Using Windows Explorer we can notice, aside others, the Tile View mode.

Tiles View (Windows Explorer)

Tiles View (Windows Explorer)

It looks like icon views but, beside a title (that shows the file name), it displays some additional info (file type and size).
This articles describe how to set Tiles View in our own listview (SysListView32) Windows control.

Set Tiles View in a list control

Let’s say, we’ve placed a list control in a dialog template. Possible, the first attempt is to search for a “Tile” value of the “View” property. No luck: we can see only “Icon”, “Small icon”, “List”, and “Report” (LVS_ICON, LVS_SMALLICON, LVS_LIST, and LVS_REPORT types).

However, there is a solution: send LVM_SETVIEW message or use ListView_SetView macro or (if using MFC) call CListCtrl::SetView.


In the same way, we can switch to the other view types, by passing LV_VIEW_ICON, LV_VIEW_SMALLICON, LV_VIEW_LIST, or LV_VIEW_DETAILS.
That’s pretty easy. However there are a little bit more things to do.

Set information for the list-view control in Tile View

For this purpose we can send LVM_SETTILEVIEWINFO message or use ListView_SetTileViewInfo or call CListCtrl::SetTileViewInfo.


Set information for each item in Tile View

This can be done when the item is inserted or later, by sending LVM_SETTILEINFO, using ListView_SetTileInfo or calling CListCtrl::SetTileInfo.


Demo Application

This is just a brief presentation. You can find more hints and details in the links below and in the demo project attached here.

Tiles View (Demo Application)

Tiles View (Demo Application)

Download: Tiles View List Control [Demo Project] (1994)


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