LogExpert Browser – Windows Event Logs Viewer

A brief presentation

LogExpert Browser is a free open-source application for viewing Windows event logs records.
It is similar to Event Viewer (a tool which is shipped with Windows system) and has few additional features.

LogExpert Browser
LogExpert Browser


Key features

Here is a brief list of LogExpert Browser key features:

  • Simultaneous vizualization of records from different logs (Application, System, Security, etc).
  • Filtering records by different criteria (source, type, computer name, etc).
  • Ascending or descending sorting of records.
  • Selection and ordering of display fields (sourse, type, computer name, etc).
  • Disk persistance of filtering criteria, sorting options and other user settings.
  • Fast reading of records with a minimum memory consumption.

Target platforms

It runs under Windows 2k, XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems with no additional prerequisites.


Executable binaries as well as an install kit can be found in CODEXPERT downloads pages.

The full project source code is avalable for free in Open-source section of CODEXPERT forum. It is a Visual Studio project, using MFC Framework and Windows SDK.


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