MFC Support for DirectWrite – Part 3: Text Range Format

Once having a CD2DTextLayout object containing a formatted block of text and before drawing in the render target, we can change the formatting for particular ranges of text. For that purpose, call CD2DTextLayout::Get then directly use IDWriteTextLayout interface methods like SetFontWeight, SetUnderline, SetStrikethrough and whatever else we need and is available.

An example of using IDWriteTextLayout to format ranges of text


  • This example is just for demo purpose and contains hard-coded ranges. In a practical application you would probably need to get the ranges by parsing a text containing tags for text formatting (HTML, BBCode etc).
  • More details can be found in attached demo application

Demo application

Download: MFC Support for DirectWrite Demo (Part 3).zip (1198)

MFC Support for DirectWrite (Part 3) – Demo Application

MFC Support for DirectWrite (Part 3) – Demo Application

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