MFC Support for DirectWrite – Part 2: Text Block Formatting

Beside the font attributes which can be set in the CD2DTextFormat MFC class constructor, DirectWrite supports more formatting for a block of text, e.g. text alignment, word wrapping, line spacing and so on. However, if taking a look at CD2DTextFormat documentation, we cannot find functions for doing that. Don’t worry, that’s not a problem at all: just call CD2DTextFormat::Get to obtain a pointer to contained IDWriteTextFormat interface, then directly call its methods like SetTextAlignment, SetWordWrapping, SetLineSpacing etc.

Formatting a block of text with DirectDraw in MFC applications

Here is a simple example, completing the one from the previous article:

More details can be found in the attached demo application.

Demo application

Download: MFC Support for DirectWrite Demo (Part 2).zip (1674)

MFC Support for DirectWrite (Part 2) – Demo Application

MFC Support for DirectWrite (Part 2) – Demo Application


  • This example shows only how to set text alignment and word wrapping. Of course, you can use any other format supported by IDWriteTextFormat interface.
  • Some of Direct2D & DirectWrite features are supported in Windows 8.1 and later and/or may be missing in Windows SDK prior to v8.1, e.g DWRITE_WORD_WRAPPING_CHARACTER value for DWRITE_WORD_WRAPPING enum, which used as argument for IDWriteTextFormat::SetWordWrapping. See the DirectWrite documentation in MSDN.

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